General & Reconstructive Dentistry in Dayton, OH

At Cadence Dental Group, we take pride in providing many ways to enhance the health and appearance of your smile, and that includes routine and reconstructive dental work.

Your initial cleaning gives us a chance to take a thorough look at your mouth, teeth, and gums to evaluate your overall oral health. And if we discover any potential concerns, we’ll work with you to plan dentistry solutions and ensure that your teeth — and smile — are protected for years to come.

Why Is General Dentistry Important?

It’s important to take care of your teeth and stay vigilant about your oral health. A trip to the dentist is about more than simply cleaning your teeth: our dentists are also key to helping you avoid chronic bad breath, deteriorating gum disease, and tooth decay or loss. At Cadence Dental Group, we don’t want you to have to wait a minute longer than necessary for the help you need: whether it’s getting a filling, a root canal, or treating gum disease, we want to help you start solving it right away with personalized general dentistry services and lasting relief that keeps your teeth healthy in between visits.

Dental Care in Dayton
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General Family Dentistry at Cadence Dental Group

When you come in for our dentistry, we’ll start by doing a double-check to see if anything else must be addressed above and beyond what we have planned for you. Our dentists are incredibly thorough and use the latest in diagnostic imaging, and medical technology — including digital x-rays and laser cavity screening — to ensure all of your needs are met. They also take great care to keep you comfortable throughout the entire process, and never rush what they’re doing. You’ll leave with stronger, healthier teeth, and the confidence that only top-notch dental care can bring.

Reconstructive Dentistry at Cadence Dental Group

The simple goal of reconstructive dentistry is to restore and enhance your smile. We offer a wide range of solutions that cover virtually any dental concern, whether you have missing teeth, or they’ve been broken, chipped, or decayed. To make sure you achieve the smile of your dreams, we provide various whitening options, veneers, crowns, implants, fillings, and aligners. Our dentists take the time to learn about your oral health history and goals: you can rest assured that when you’re in their hands, you’re getting a personally-tailored dental experience, and you’re on your way to healthy teeth and gums that let you chew, talk, smile, and live your life comfortably.

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