Teeth Cleaning & Dental Hygiene in Dayton, OH

All good dentistry starts with a thorough teeth cleaning and hygiene appointment. It’s our first step in establishing a relationship with our patients, and it’s where we’ll determine the best way to give you a fresh, sparkling smile!
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Why Is It Important to Have a Teeth Cleaning?

There are a lot of spaces between your teeth and gums that are difficult to reach even with regular brushing and flossing. Our dental hygienists are better equipped with specialized tools, mirrors, and years of experience to find, reach, and deep-clean these hard-to-get spots.

Removing tartar and plaque prevents tooth decay, which, if left untreated, can lead to gum disease, tooth damage, and other problems.  A cleaning from Cadence Dental is also an important line of defense against a variety of potential issues with your teeth: our team has the experience necessary to identify issues early and determine the best course of action for your teeth.

What to Expect from a Cadence Dental Cleaning

The first thing your dental hygienist will do is take a small mirror and look around the inside of your mouth for signs of gingivitis or other oral diseases. They’ll then thoroughly clear away any plaque or tartar that’s built up, taking care to not irritate your gums. Towards the end of your session, they’ll brush your teeth using a specially-formulated toothpaste that helps protect all your hard-to-reach spots and offer an optional fluoride rinse.

Your comfort and satisfaction throughout this process is paramount to us. Our goal is to keep your teeth clean and give you a fresh baseline for oral health, so you can have dependable, healthy teeth for years to come.

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Meet Your Hygienists

Our dental hygienists are some of the most dedicated and compassionate people in the business. They’re gentle during your dental cleaning, and they understand how important a professional dental cleaning is for optimal oral health.

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- Abigail, Dayton

Going to the dentist? I have looked forward to going to my dentist for 43 years. How many of you can say that? Need I say more about Dr. James Freeman and Dr. Lee Hendricks? I’ve never experienced discomfort, just the kindness and expertise of dentistry. Their wonderful and efficient staff go out of their way to welcome each and every patient. They are my dental family, and my teeth thank me often.

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- Robin, Clayton

A few years ago, I didn’t feel the dentist I was going to was providing me with the quality and services that I needed. A friend recommended I try Drs. Freeman and Hendricks. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt comfortable and at ease. Freeman/Hendricks Dental Group is state of the art with a hometown feel. I know the work they do will be done well and with my health as their upmost concern.

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- Mark, West Milton

For years, I avoided going to the dentist. After meeting Dr. Hendricks and the gang, I look forward to my regular visits. I feel better and I’m not afraid to smile anymore!

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- Ann, Arcanum

I have been very pleased with Drs. Freeman and Hendricks for many years. The office makes me feel like I’m visiting friends. The staff is extremely skilled and caring. I recommend this practice to anyone looking for dental care.
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- Ken & Linda, Clayton

My wife and myself have been going to Drs. Freeman and Hendricks for over 25 years. I have enjoyed nothing short of excellent service, professionalism, and friendly smiles. Our daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren also see Freeman/Hendricks Dental Group. I would, and have, highly recommended this practice to friends and family.
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- Mike, Dayton

After many, many years of avoiding the dentist, I now look forward to my check-ups. Dr Freeman and Hendricks are great, the staff is first rate and the general atmosphere of the office ensures a positive experience.